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Solar Panel Installing

"Solar Panel Installation Simplified by Easley Solar

Making the switch to solar power has never been easier! At Easley Solar, we've streamlined the installation process to ensure a seamless and top-notch experience. Here's a breakdown of the steps:

  1. Measurement and Planning: We measure your installation area and plan the layout for solar panels and mounts.

  2. Roof Preparation: For tile roofs, we carefully remove tiles to locate roof mounts, then locate roof-mounted rafters.

  3. Mounting Installation: Roof mounts are securely fastened to rafters, ensuring stability and a watertight seal.

  4. Rails Attachment: Rails are attached to mounts, providing support for the panels and allowing airflow beneath.

  5. Ground Wiring: We connect a continuous copper ground wire to rails and junction boxes for safety.

  6. Microinverters/Power Optimizers: These devices are strategically placed on rails to convert and optimize solar panel output.

  7. Junction Boxes and Wiring: Wiring is consolidated in junction boxes and routed efficiently, either over the roof or through the attic.

  8. Panel Placement: Solar panels are placed on the rails and firmly secured.

  9. Final Touches: We finish the rails with caps and add skirts for a polished look.

  10. String Inverter/Monitoring: Wiring is connected to a string inverter, and monitoring devices are set up for performance tracking.

  11. Main Panel Prep/Upgrade: We ensure your electric main panel can handle the additional load.

  12. Breaker Installation: Breakers are added to the main panel for safe electricity distribution.

  13. City Inspection: The city or AHJ inspects and approves the installation.

  14. Net Meter Installation: A net meter is set up to measure electricity flow between your panels and the grid.

  15. Utility Inspection and PTO: The utility performs a final inspection and grants "Permission to Operate" (PTO), allowing you to activate your solar system.

Experience the benefits of solar power confidently with Easley Solar guiding you through each step. Make the most of clean energy and a brighter future today!"

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